Thames Valley Police Announce First Ever ‘Cat Unit’ in the UK

Thames Valley Police Announce First Ever ‘Cat Unit’ in the UK

On Friday U.K. police announced they would be trialling the first ever ‘Cat Unit’ in the country.

Thames Valley Police said: “With modern technology we feel that we have finally mastered the art of cat training and can now use this in the fight against everyday crimes.

“Cats provide a number of unique skills that help aid police work; some studies have even shown that whilst cats can be particularly attention seeking, they have an innate understanding of human behaviours, a long memory and a curiosity which is second to none in the animal kingdom.

“Their keen senses are a huge asset to operational police work, having excellent spacial awareness, night vision and hearing, always falling on their feet and of course those extra nine lives means that they are fearless when faced with dangerous situations.

“This is going to add an exciting new dimension to the work that we do.

However, integrating the new cat unit with the existing dog unit have proven unsuccessful to date. A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said they hoped the two departments would eventually put aside their natural dislike for each other and work closely in the future.

Thames Valley Police are still looking for some puurfect feline recruits to join the Cat Unit.

If you think your cat is police material please to Thames Valley Police via twitter using #PoliceCats.


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