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Attacks on Hasidic Men in Brooklyn Investigated as Hate Crimes: NYPD

Police in New York City are investigating whether two Hasidic men attacked this week in Brooklyn were targeted because of their religion.

A man who yelled he was “fed up with the Jews” attacked a Hasidic man on his way to a Crown Heights synagogue Wednesday, police told WNBC.

Christian Rojas, 36, allegedly knocked a phone out of the victim’s hand and punched him in the face. Police said the victim was dressed in traditional clothing and reading a prayer book.

On Tuesday, an off-duty Hatzolah volunteer was stabbed a few blocks away. David Katz, 34, was hospitalized but is expected to make a full recovery. His attacker, who was wearing a mask, has not been identified.

Hatzolah workers are volunteer emergency medical personnel who typically serve in Jewish communities. Katz was not in uniform but he was wearing a yarmulke and the attack was “clearly premeditated,” witnesses said.

Police do not believe the two incidents are related but are investigating both as possible hate crimes.

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