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Protesters Arrested in Cuba Ahead of President Obama’s Visit

Police in Havana arrested dozens of anti-Castro protesters on Sunday, just hours ahead of President Obama's official visit to Cuba.

Police in Havana arrested dozens of anti-Castro protesters on Sunday, just hours ahead of President Obama’s official visit to Cuba.

Police arrested more than 50 anti-government demonstrators who were marching to demand improved human rights, after clashes between pro- and anti-Castro groups in Santa Rita Park.

Many of the anti-Castro protesters come from a group of women known as the Ladies in White, a group of wives and other female relatives of jailed dissidents.

The Ladies in White reportedly protest outside of a church almost every Sunday and are released within hours or days, according to reports.

The group is meeting with President Obama during his two day visit in Cuba.

More about The Ladies in White

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(Image: Jack Gruber/USA Today)


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