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One arrested in anti-terror raids in Paris

One man was arrested in an anti-terror raid in the Argenteuil suburb of Paris. Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the suspect was planning a terrorist attack.

A large anti-terror raid in the Parisian suburb Argenteuil led to the arrest of one suspect. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the suspect was in the advanced stages of planning a terrorist attack.

According to Cazeneuve, bomb squads are on hand at the building, about nine miles north of Paris.

“After weeks of painstaking investigations, we interrupted an advanced plot for an assault,” Cazeneuve said.

The suspect is a French citizen.

On Thursday the minister did not say if there was a link with the assaults in Paris or Brussels.

On Friday the Belgian Federal Prosecutor confirmed that the arrested man is Reda Kriket. In Belgium Kriket was sentenced in absentia to ten years in prison for membership of a terrorist group and buying stolen goods.

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