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Brussels attacks: latest updates, March 27

Latest updates from March 27, and what we know so far about the March 22 Brussels attacks in which 28 people were killed and 340 injured.

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Riot police use water cannon to break up far-right protest

Four detained after 13 raids across Belgium

Belgian Crisis Center clarifies number killed and injured

Latest updates

Riot police use water cannon to break up far-right protest

Around 10 people were arrested on Sunday after Belgian riot police used a water cannon to break up a far-right protest at Brussels victims memorial, AFP reports.

The hundreds-strong crowd, calling themselves “Casuals Against Terrorism”, marched into Place de la Bourse, where people have gathered at a makeshift memorial for victims since the March 22 attacks.

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Four detained after 13 raids across Belgium

Police have detained four new suspects for further questioning after 13 raids on Sunday morning in Brussels and the northern Belgian towns of Mechelen and Duffel. The federal prosecutor’s office said the raids were linked to a “federal case regarding terrorism” but did not specify whether this case was the March 22 attacks.

In total nine people were questioned by police, five of them were later released.

Belgian Crisis Center clarifies number killed and injured

The Belgian Crisis Center in a Saturday statement clarified that the 31 bodies recovered after the March 22 attacks includes those of the three suicide bombers.

Of the 28 killed, 24 have been identified: 14 people killed in the attack at the airport, and 10 people in the metro. 13 were from Belgium and 11 were from eight other countries.

Around 340 were injured. 101 of these are still being treated in 33 hospital sites. 62 are in intensive care, and 32 in a burn center. The injured are from 19 countries.

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