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Mother Angelica of EWTN Dies Easter Sunday

The founder of the EWTN's Global Catholic Network, Mother Mary Angelica, died in the Birmingham suburb of Hanceville, Alabama on Easter Sunday.

Mother Mary Angelica, the founder of the Eternal Word Television Network, passed away in the Birmingham suburb of Hanceville, Alabama on Easter Sunday, according to the network.

Mother Angelica’s real name was Rita Antoinette Rizzo. She was 92 years old.

Mother Angelica’s health was declining since she suffered a stroke that forced her into retirement from EWTN’s airwaves in 2001.

Mother Angelica founded the Roman Catholic religion-based television network in 1980. She started the network in a monastery garage in Irondale, Alabama and grew it in a global media empire.

EWTN says it has a global reach it estimates at more than 250 million homes in 140 countries.

EWTN’s Chairman and CEO Michael Warsaw released in a statement, stating that Mother Angelica “has always and will always personify EWTN, the network that God asked her to found.”

In a Time Magazine article, Mother Angelica was described at “arguably the most influential Roman Catholic woman in America.”

Mother Angelica was born on April 20, 1923 in Canton, Ohio. She entered the church at the age of 21.

Burial services will be held on April 1 at the monastery in Hanceville, Alabama.

(Image: EWTN)


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