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South Africa’s Top Court: President Zuma Abused State Money

South African President Jacob Zuma has to reimburse millions of dollars to the state, because he used state money for luxurious extensions to his estate.

On Thursday the Constitutional Court, the highest court in South Africa, ruled that Zuma did not respect the constitution and ignored the order by the South African anti-corruption body to repay the money.

The Ministry of Finance has to establish within sixty days how much 73-year-old Zuma has to repay – up to 20 million dollars.

President Jacob Zuma

The case focuses on Zuma’s estate in Nkandla. Zuma has to pay back money that is used for all non-security related matters, including an amphitheater, a visitors center, a chicken coop and a swimming pool.

Earlier this month, the leader of South Africa’s main opposition party Democratic Alliance Mmusi Maimane demanded the resignation of Zuma. According to Maimane, the ANC has fallen into the hands of wealthy friends of the president.

(Images: AFP/BuzzSouthAfrica)

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