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Danish Police Arrest Four People Suspected of Joining Islamic State

According to police, four people suspected of having ‘enlisted’ in the Islamic State were arrested near Copenhagen on Thursday.

According to Danish police, all four suspects are suspected of violating Danish laws by joining a terrorist organization.

During a search of the suspects homes, arms and munitions had been found in one location but it was not immediately clear whether that could be connected to the arrests, according to police spokesperson Poul Kjeldsen said.

“We know that people who have fought for Islamic State in Syria or Iraq may pose a specific security threat against Denmark,” Justice Minister Soren Pind said in a statement shortly after the arrests.

Police declined to disclose further details about the arrests but said they could not exclude the possibility of more arrests as the investigation continues.

Due to the nature of the arrests, a ‘behind closed doors’ pre-trial detention hearing has been scheduled for Friday.

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