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New Images of Brussels Attacks Suspect Released

Belgian prosecutors have released new footage of the so-called "man in white', the third suspect of the Brussels airport bomb attack.

Belgian prosecutors have released new footage of the so-called “man in white”, the third suspect of the Brussels airport bomb attack.

Officials said on Thursday the man was tracked on CCTV footage from the airport after the explosions and then show the suspect walking to the nearby town of Zaventem, and then into Brussels where all traces of him were reportedly lost at 9:50 a.m. local time. He was wearing a hat and a light-colored jacket.

Belgian Federal Prosecutor Eric Van der Sypt said on Thursday that authorities were especially appealing to people who might have filmed or photographed the man.

Federal Police in Belgium released the following statement:

TERRORISM: Route of the third offender of the attack in Brussels Airport – Zaventem
We are requested by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the Examining Magistrate in Brussels to proceed to the circulation of following warrant:
Within the scope of the investigation on the attack on Brussels airport on March, 22nd 2016, the police want to find out the route the offender on the run took.
After the bombs exploded at 07.58 hrs, the man wearing a bright jacket and a hat went out of the building, walked past Sheraton hotel, turned right towards AVIS car park and left the airport area.
Then, he walked through Zaventem city and meanwhile, got rid of his bright-colored jacket.
At 08.50, he got to the crossroads between ‘Grote Daalstraat’ and ‘chaussée de Louvain’. At that moment, he was wearing a bright shirt with rolled-up sleeves.
He walked the chaussée de Louvain up to Meiser crossroads where he was recorded on CCTV footage at 09.42 hrs.
He walked further on the chaussée de Louvain where he was again filmed at 09.49 hrs hrs, then on the avenue de la Brabançonne where he disappeared at the crossroads with the ‘rue du Noyer’ at 09.50 hrs.
The jacket he left behind is bright with a hood which is dark inside. Should this jacket be found, this might give invaluable information to the investigators.
The fugitive’s shirt seems bright blue with yokes on the elbows. He was also wearing dark trousers and brown shoes with a large white sole.
If you saw a left behind bright-colored jacket between the airport and the chaussée de Louvain, or if you saw the offender while he was on the run or if you know which way he went afterwards, please contact the investigators on 0800 30 300 free of charge (Belgium), or, contact the police on the international number 0032 2 554 44 88.


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