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British Prime Minister Releases His Tax Returns

British Prime Minister David Cameron released his tax returns for the last six years after a week of criticism over his connections to the ongoing Panama Papers story.

Cameron is the first prime minister in U.K. history to publish personal details about his finances, including his annual tax returns.

Along with laying out his income, it also gives an insight into his wealth and, most crucially, the profit he made from holding shares in an offshore fund his late father had helped set up.

It has also raised questions over a gift of £200,000 ($284,000) from his mother in 2011, which has been described to offset the fact his brother was given the family home. But as the £200,000 was a gift from his mother, it was not subject to inheritance tax as it would have been if it had been left to him in his mothers will.


Schedule of David Cameron’s Income 2009-15


The key points of Cameron’s tax return release

(Image: ITV News)

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