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Canadian Officials Work to End Fort McMurray Fire

After a week of fighting the massive wildfire that devastated the Canadian city of Fort McMurray, officials said Sunday there are signs they may be “turning a corner” in fighting the blaze.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said Sunday the wildfire had been growing slower than anticipated. On Saturday, authorities were concerned that the fire would double in size by the next day. The fire had also been expected to reach the Suncor oil sands facilities located about 15 miles (24 kilometers) north of the city, but on Sunday, it had not.

Over 80,000 residents have been evacuated from Fort McMurray, with at least 1,600 homes and buildings being destroyed by the raging fire, according to officials.

No casualties have been reported due to the fire. However, Notley mentioned two evacuees who died in a traffic accident while evacuating the city.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he had no immediate plans to visit the devastated region, but put his full support behind first responders.

“We don’t want to distract from the important work right now,” Kate Purchase, a spokesperson for Trudeau said.


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