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Abducted Nigerian Schoolgirl Found Alive After Escaping Boko Haram

One of the nearly 300 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by the terrorist group Boko Haram in 2014 was found alive in a remote forest on Wednesday after managing to escape from her captors.

The girl was found, along with her baby and a companion, wandering the Sambisa Forest near Nigeria’s border of Cameroon.

The girl, now 19 years old, said that she was forced to married her companion while being held by the group, according to The New York Times.

Earlier this year, a video showing the abducted girls was released by news organizations, believed to have been recorded in 2015.

Editor’s note: While some organizations have published the name of the young woman, Grasswire is withholding the name because she is likely a sexual violence victim.



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