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Authorities: Missing EgyptAir Flight’s Data Recorders Detected by French ship

France’s Laplace naval vessel is believed to have detected a signal from one of the data recorders on board EgyptAir Flight 804, according to Egyptian and French investigators.

The vessel was taking part in search efforts for the Airbus A320 aircraft when it “received through its search equipment signals from the seabed of the wreckage search area,” according to a statement released Wednesday from the Egyptian Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee, which is leading the crash’s investigation. Those signals are believed to be from one of the data recorders.

The plane crashed May 19 while en route to Cairo from Paris, killing all 66 people on board.

Since then, the discovery of data signals, wreckage and human remains have narrowed the search area for the black boxes to a three-mile radius from the point in the Mediterranean Sea where satellite data indicates that the plane possibly went down.

These data recorders can emit a ping that’s detectable even when deep underwater for roughly 30 days after a crash, meaning that the EgyptAir flight’s black boxes are set to fall silent in mid-June.

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