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NY Supreme Court Orders Univision Return Hispanic Networks To Charter

A New York State Supreme Court judge issued a temporary restraining order allowing Charter customers to receive Univision-owned programming for one week

A New York Supreme Court Judge issued a temporary restraining order on a Charter Communications motion to return Univision Communications-owned TV stations to over 2 million Charter Spectrum customers.

Univision and Charter have to agree on a contract for carrying Spanish language stations and cable channels.

Charter Spectrum customers noted the Univision channels’ return on Thursday evening, following the court’s decision.

Charter has insisted that Univision must respect their ‘Pluri-annual agreement’, while Univision claims Charter won’t engage in ‘comprehensive and good faith negotiations.’  The temporary restriction is valid until February 9, when the judge assigned to the case returns to court.

On Wednesday, Cable TV provider Charter Communications entered into a legal standoff with Hispanic TV outlet Univision which prevented over two million customers from watching ‘Novela’ on TV.

Charter Spectrum Spanish message replacing Univision-owned TV stations and Cable Channels was visible Wednesday and Thursday, as the number two cable TV provider and Hispanic Network Univision entered into a legal standoff over fees and prior contracts with Time Warner Cable – Bright House Networks.

The dispute with the number two cable TV provider nationwide was over a contract that Univision signed with both Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks prior to Charter’s planned merger of the latter two in 2016.

Univision Communications,removed their TV networks from all Charter systems including Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks in all their markets.

Univision said that Charter failed to honor an existing contract, by agreeing on a contract already signed for Time Warner Cable – Bright House Networks, which pays Univision Communications a lesser fee than for Charter-owned systems.

Charter said that Univision must honor their current contract, claiming that Univision arbitrarily decided to terminate their contracts with all three cable systems nationwide. Univision issued a broadcast block for all Charter systems nationwide.

Univision owns over 60 TV stations nationwide (Providing Univision Network and UniMas) and also part-owns California-based broadcaster Entravision Communications. Univision Communications owns several cable TV outlets, including Galavision (Mexican programming), El Rey Network (bilingual), TLenovelas (drama), Univision Deportes (sports) and news outlet Fusion.


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