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Russian, Syrian and SDF forces pictured together near Manbij

Russian, Syrian and Manbij Military Council forces were pictured together near Manbij, Syria on March 8 and 9

Russian, Syrian and Manbij Military Council forces were photographed together near Manbij, Syria on March 8.

This was followed by an ANNA news video posted to YouTube on March 9.


The joint move comes as the US deployed troops to the Manbij area on a “reassure and deter’ mission to help prevent fighting between the SDF troops that it supports and Turkey-backed Operation Euphrates Shield forces.

In an image on Twitter@IvanSidorenko1 listed villages near Arima that MMC had agreed would be defended by Syrian forces: Kur Huyuk, Qurt Wiran, Boughaz, Abu Hayj, and Jubblat al-Hamra. MMC has not confirmed this list, but on March 6 its spokesperson, Shervan Derwish, said Syrian government forces would take over defensive positions in around five villages to the west of Manbij, part of a deal with Russia announced on March 2.

Recent days have seen significant clashes near Boughaz between Turkey-backed Operation Euphrates forces and Manbij Military Council forces.

On March 9, a spokesperson for the US-led coalition confirmed that a US Marines artillery unit and US Army Rangers had been deployed to Syria. CNN’s Barbara Starr claimed that around 100 Army Rangers were deployed in and around Manbij to deter hostilities between the various factions on the ground. Photographs and video of US troops apparently patrolling near Manbij in Stryker armoured vehicles and Humvees have been posted online in recent days.


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