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EXCLUSIVE Coalition disputes reports a US service member was killed by an IS drone in Syria

A US coalition spokesperson told Grasswire on March 31 that no US service members had been killed by Islamic State drone, contrary to reports from local activists on March 30

A US coalition spokesperson told Grasswire on March 31 that no US service members had been killed by Islamic State drones.

“All U.S. service members are accounted for. There are no reports of U.S. service members being killed by an ISIS drone,” the spokesperson said.

Local activists Raqqa24 said on March 30 that a US service member was killed in a camp in or near al-Krin, west of Tabqa town, near Raqqa, by a bomb dropped from an IS drone.

The US-led coalition against Islamic State air-dropped US and Syrian Democratic Forces near Tabqa, west of Raqqa, overnight on March 21-22. The joint forces that night captured al-Krin, also known as al-Krain, and reportedly set up a camp near the village.

Heavy clashes are ongoing in the area. The SDF has advanced eastwards, capturing Tabqa military airbase and surrounding Tabqa town.

The nearby dam on the Euphrates has been the site of much controversy since Islamic State claimed the coalition had bombed the hydroelectric power station under its control.

On March 29, it was reported that an IS drone was shot down at the SDF-held part of the dam around the north channel inlet.

UPDATE April 3

Islamic State published images on April 2 that it claimed showed a drone bomb attack on SDF vehicles and boats near Tabqa.

ANHA claimed SDF fighters shot down a drone that was bombing positions near Tabqa airbase


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