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Liveblog: April 12 Operation Inherent Resolve briefing with Col. John Dorrian

Col. John Dorrian, spokesperson for CJTF-OIR, briefs reporters on coalition actions in Syria and Iraq

On April 11, Col. Dorrian told Grasswire US military forces are on heightened alert in Syria after cruise missile strikes against Shayrat airbase, and Islamic State militants attempted to infiltrate At Tanf garrison in the south.

Text in the liveblog below is not verbatim. The full transcript is here.
And that’s a wrap.
Anadolu: Troops in close proximity to regime/Russian troops in Manbij Dorrian: Our forces continue their work in that area. Nothing has really changed with regard to that.
Fox: Have Russian or regime forces made any threatening moves since missile strike? D: “No.” Q: Have proxy forces? D: “No.” Q: Will additional US troops be sent to Syria or Iraq soon? D: Subject to review ordered by president.
Q: Reports of IS fighters moving from Mosul and Raqqa to SE Syria? Dorrian: The enemy will try to look for places to go. This is one of the reasons we have a force in southern Syria at the At Tanf garrison.
Q: Support for Syrian Kurds and Arabs. Weapons from 1209s Congress funds? Dorrian: I don’t have any update on that. Our efforts have been directed towards supplying resources, light weapons and equipment for the SAC.
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