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SDF says it will hand over administration of Raqqa to new civic council after liberation

Telal Silo said at the first meeting of Raqqa Civic Council that, after its liberation, the SDF will give control of the city to the civilian council

After nine months of preparations, Raqqa Civic Council held its first meeting in Ayn Issa on April 18.

110 delegates and several dignatories including Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Co-chair Ilham Ehmed, met to discuss the report of a Preparatory Committee.

Sheikh Mahmoud al-Barsan and Leila Mustafa were elected as co-chairs, and three deputies were also elected.

SDF spokesperson Col Telal Silo said that when Raqqa is liberated, the SDF will hand over administration of the city to Raqqa Civilian Assembly.

Ilham Ahmad urged people from Raqqa and women and young people in particular, to participate effectively in managing their own affairs.

The many topics discussed at the meeting included: the return of displaced people to the governorate; developing security and defense systems; rebuilding the council after the governate’s complete liberation, focusing on coexistence; and rebuilding education, public services and the health system.

The council will meet in Ayn Issa until the city is liberated.

The fledgling council appealed to the international community to help people in Raqqa to rebuild their city after its liberation.



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