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Europol coordinates international operation against online terrorist propaganda

A Europol counterterrorism operation flagged more than 2,000 pieces of online content as harmful and illegal terrorism-related material.

A European Union Internet Referral Unit counterterrorism operation flagged more than 2,000 pieces of online content as harmful and illegal terrorism-related material, according to a Europol statement released on Tuesday, May 2.

Between April 25-26, EU IRU and its counterparts from Belgium, Greece, Poland, Portugal and the United States conducted the operation to identify extremist and terrorist online content.

It targeted accounts used by terrorist groups like Islamic State and al-Qaeda to spread propaganda, recruit, and direct terrorist activities.

Europol said 2,068 propaganda videos and publications were among the items assessed and referred to internet service providers.

The efforts made by numerous online platforms to remove inappropriate content have driven supporters of terrorist groups to simultaneously use multiple platforms to promote terrorism and incite violence. They have also been searching for new service providers to make sure their messages reach potential supporters.

Europol statement

The operation only flagged content to online platforms. Internet service providers can choose to remove the material depending on their own terms and conditions.

Europol introduced the EU IRU in July 2015 to combat violent activities on the internet.


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