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New images of US military vehicles in northern Syria

Syrian journalist Mohammed Hassan posted images of a convoy he said was in northern Syria on Thursday, May 11. One of the images shows two US military Humvee vehicles.

They appear to basic up-armoured Humvees, similar to what the US provides to Iraqi forces.

Hassan posted multiple sets of images and video in the past, all of which have later been shown to be what he said they were.

Could these vehicles be destined for the YPG and YPJ?

A second image also surfaced on Twitter. It’s of a Cougar MRAP, we think it’s likely US Marine Corps. It is claimed that the vehicle was protecting the convoy.

The cylindrical antennas on the vehicle appear to be a to be a counter-IED jammer. They appear to be of US origin, adding weight to the theory that these are USMC vehicles.

Other images and video posted are fake.

All these photos and videos of ‘US arms and equipment for the YPG’ are fake

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