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Liveblog: UK general election ends in a hung parliament

After seven long weeks of campaigning, UK ends in a hung parliament.

After seven long weeks of campaigning, the UK general election ended with a hung parliament.

On Friday, June 9, Conservative Party leader Theresa May asked the Queen for permission to form a minority government backed by Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.

Despite losing the Conservative majority in Parliament, May indicated she will not step down as party leader. In a speech at Downing Street, May said she was confident the Conservatives and DUP could work together for the “interests of the whole United Kingdom.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has urged May to step down as prime minister and allow him to form a minority government.

“Politics has changed. Politics isn’t going back into the box where it was before,” he said.

Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron also called on May to resign, saying her “extreme” Brexit plans were rejected by voters. Farron further called for Brexit talks to be delayed.


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Tory MP Anna Soubry has said she needs to consider her position, while Nigel Evans blamed the social care policy for the loss of the majority, saying “we hijacked our own campaign.” He insisted he was supporting May but told the BBC  “A load of our candidates that should have been winning up and down the country were absolutely slain on the cross of our own manifesto.”

‘Never have I seen a very successful campaign up until that point been hijacked by ourselves. We hijacked our own campaign and from then on it was an absolute disaster,” he added.

Exit poll

An exit poll conducted for the BBC, ITV and Sky projected a hung parliament, with the Conservatives falling 11 seats short of an overall majority.

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