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Coalition confirms warning broadcasts before strikes on pro-regime forces near At Tanf, Syria

Coalition says warnings were broadcast before it struck pro-regime forces near At Tanf on June 6 and June 8, but does not confirm audio as genuine

Updated June 10

A spokesperson for the US-led coalition on Saturday, June 10 told Grasswire that warnings were broadcast before it struck pro-regime forces near At Tanf, Syria on June 6 and June 8.

An audio recording, purportedly of a Coalition warning broadcast on June 8, was posted on social media on Friday, June 9. The short recording comes in two parts, first in Arabic and then in Persian.

In a written statement, the spokesperson told Grasswire: “We are not able to confirm the authenticity of the recording, however, the Coalition did broadcast a message to pro-regime forces operating within the de-confliction zone near At Tanf,” adding that they would not provide “specific details of the content or means of delivery.”


“Attention, Syrian Arab Army, military consultants and militias.

You have failed​ to stay away from the 55km safe zone, east of Qusaydiya.

You missed all the chances given to you to withdraw.

You are now targets for fatal airstrikes.

If you want to stay alive, leave now.”

Translation of purported Coalition warning to pro-regime forces near At Tanf, June 8

The spokesperson told Grasswire that the Coalition advised “the Russians and their Syrian partners through the de-confliction line” that its forces have been training and advising partner forces in the area for many months.

“The zone around the At Tanf training garrison was established through mutual understanding to de-conflict operations to ensure Coalition forces were not endangered by other forces operating in the region. The Coalition reserves the right to protect itself and its vetted Syrian opposition group partners with the de-confliction zone,” the spokesperson said.

On Thursday, Coalition spokesperson Col. Ryan Dillon said the Coalition uses the deconfliction line “every single day.”

“The coalition has been very clear through the deconfliction line, through leaflets, messages and actions, to warn pro regime forces not to advance toward, or otherwise threaten coalition forces at at-Tanf,” Dillon said, adding “…we also provided video – or not video – but messaging to them and we also conducted shows of force and warning shots before conducting kinetic strikes.”

Pro-regime vehicles destroyed by the Coaltion near At Tanf, Syria, June 7, 2017. Image: ANNA News/YouTube


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