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Canada’s transport plane flies first sortie in support of counter-ISIS campaign

A Canadian military transport aircraft, the CC-130J Hercules, conducted its first sortie on Wednesday, June 12 as a part of the country’s contribution to the US-led coalition fighting Islamic State.

“The CC-130J and its crews will increase the Coalition’s agility to move people and cargo where needed,” Canadian mission commander Brig. Gen. Daniel MacIsaac said in a press release.

One aircraft can transport up to 92 combat troops or 128 non-combat passengers, according to the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The transport plane is a part of the Canadian Tactical Airlift Detachment, which is based in Kuwait and includes some 20 support personnel.

In March, the Canadian government announced its decision to extend the country’s mission in support of counter-ISIS coalition to March 31, 2019.

Canadian authorities have previously approved a maximum of 830 Canadian Armed Forces members to serve Operation IMPACT in Iraq and Kuwait, including “those assigned to the train, advise, and assist mission in support of the Iraqi security forces.”

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