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March 16, 2020

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has sickened at least 153,517 people and killed 5,735, according to the latest World Health Organization data release 15 March 2020. The total number of cases of infection is believed to be higher than what has been reported due to limited testing.

Countries around the world have restricted travel and are urging citizens to avoid crowds which could spread the virus. The Grasswire team is bringing together information from around the world highlighting how governments and private organizations are reacting to the disease.

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Andrew Okwuosah

Stephen Repetski

Today, as part of our ongoing and aggressive commitment to address the coronavirus outbreak, the FDA updated a policy originally issued on Feb. 29 on diagnostic testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to achieve more rapid testing capacity in the U.S. We believe the unprecedented policy set forth in today’s updated guidance, which addresses laboratories and commercial manufacturers, will help address these urgent public health concerns by helping to expand the number and variety of diagnostic tests, as well as available testing capabilities in health care settings, and reference and commercial laboratories.

Stephen Repetski

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announces that the 2020 presidential primary set to be held 17 March is postponed.

Andrew Okwuosah

Andrew Okwuosah

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